aPhoto icon aPhoto is an Intuitive and Portable Program that Helps You Create a Text or Image Watermark

Watermark Signing

aPhoto main frame screenshot

After photos imported, we are going to sign watermark now.

You can see watermark relevant panels. "Watermark List and Configuration panels"
There 4 buttons at the bottom of watermark list table.
"+": Add a new watermark for your photos.
"-": Remove the selected watermark from watermark list.
"↑": Move up the selected watermark in watermark list.
"↓": Move down the selected watermark.

Select one watermark on watermark list, then you can edit it:
Text or image watermark:
You can input any comment for text watermark. And you
can also fetch the taken time from your photo for text watermark.
If you want to edit current watermark as image watermark, you can switch
the watermark tabs to tab "Image Watermark" and browser your watermark image.

At the bottom of watermark list there are 3 watermark configurate panels.

Watermark Position
You can set watermark relative position by 3x3 grids.
And you can also adjust position by offset in the horizontal and vertical directions.

Watermark Transparency
You can adjust transparency by the slider.

Watermark Image Scale
You can scale watermark image here.

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